Psychiatric Services

Deer Oaks Services

Initial Assessment:  A comprehensive psychiatric assessment is conducted to determine the appropriate diagnosis and to review appropriateness and efficacy of all medications.

Medication Management:  Ongoing medication management focuses on improving mood and behavior as well as utilizing the minimum amount of medications necessary to maintain quality of life.

Quarterly Treatment Plan Reviews: Quarterly treatment plan reviews with nursing home staff focus on assessing all psychiatric medications and behavioral issues to ensure that all possible Gradual Dose Reductions are followed and behavior management plans are implemented.

Interdisciplinary Consultation – Our psychiatry providers work closely with the psychology providers and nursing home staff to treat the resident using person-centered, evidence-based practice approaches for the residents.  Whenever possible, non-pharmacological strategies are utilized.

Pharmacy Reviews: Our psychiatric providers will respond to and complete the pharmacy reviews submitted by the consultant pharmacist on any resident receiving our services.

Gradual Dose Reduction Tracking:  All Gradual Dose Reductions and whether they succeeded or failed will be tracked on our progress notes and EMR system.